This a formula in How to Win more work.

There are 3 key components to winning more work. Know, Like and Trust. The buyer must get to know you, like you and then trust you. Achieving all 3 increases your likelihood of winning more work.

Earning trust is how you gain permission to influence people — Atlasssian

Step 1: Know

Before trust can be achieved the buyer must get to know you. Essentially they must understand you. It’s like dating , the are curious about who you are, what you are like, and if there could there be a connection. …

In 20 years what will companies look like? Who will be the disruptor? Who will be disrupted? What will your current company sell and who will be your customer?

These are some of the most difficult questions to answer. But there are ways to think about this and start to plan for it.

To do this I have outlined techniques discussed by Nick Davis. Nick is a Managing Partner at Reaching the Future Faster, Inc., and the prior VP of Enterprise Solutions and the current Faculty Chair for Corporate Innovation at Singularity University.

Thinking about the company of the future

When developing a strategy or even thinking…

This post is an approach to help you pitch your agency or startup to executives and senior buyers.

You know this already, because you have seen it done. A lot of agencies and startups talk about what they do, but fail to communicate why. On top of this the audience never really gets why any of this important to them.

This is because…

Agencies and startups talk about what they do in lofty statements such as “to make the world a better place”. This works well in B2C , as brands sell an idealist version of yourself that can only be achieved by…

I stole this framework from one of the greatest minds I have ever worked with via my time at Deloitte and it works without fail.

Client Needs. The ability to gather insights from the client and get a deeper understanding of their afflictions is the trademark of any good consultant or business professional.

The challenge we face is having limited time with the client to understand their pain points deeply. So we usually only gather enough information to understand their afflictions at a very high level.

To be a peer and get a deeper understanding it is important to drill…

A winning value proposition has three distinct rules, failure to deliver on one or all has a direct impact on your ability to win work. This is how top consultancies and agencies build winning value propositions.

The three rules for a winning proposition are:

  1. Your service, story and offering meets the needs of your client and resonates with them
  2. You stand out from the others in a way that is valuable to the client and you are seen as differentiated
  3. Clients believe that you can deliver on your promises, your service and claims are substantiated

Failure to deliver on any of these 3 rules has consequences such as:

1) If your services or story does not resonate with your client, they…

There was a time when nothing existed. No art, no music, no startup, no movies. There was nothing you see right now on your screen or around you. We overlook it.

There was a time in history a person was like fuck it, I have an idea. Then they wrote that song, painted that painting and coded a piece of tech and shared it without thinking.

Lennon, Shakespeare, Mozart, DaVinci, Jane Austin, Steven Spielberg. A community of creators.

John Lennon

Their idea was once only known then they expressed it, and now their idea has been enjoyed by millions and shaped history.

How have incumbent alcohol brands remained popular for so long? Heineken was born in 1873, Moet in 1842 and Bacardi 1862.

In a business environment obsessed with iterations and pivots a how is that the beer, wine and spirits brands we drink and find most commonly in bars are some of the oldest brands?

Alcohol brands adapt and they do it without changing their legacy, which is their recipe. There is something in this for incumbent companies to learn, adhere to and adopt.

Since 2000, 52% of companies in the Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired or ceased…

How do businesses create competitive advantages? By building good teams. And who is doing this now with great success, Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos has publicly said his inner team of advisors called the “S Team” are one of his keys to success.

So teams are important. But how do you build good teams? The answers are below. Building good teams in today’s business world come down to 5 key principles.

As ever on this blog I have synthesised insights from podcasts, books and interviews from Tim Ferriss, Jeff Collins, Jacko Willink, Brene Brown and turned hours of research into a…

How To Win

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